Leo horoscope today | 29 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

29 / 08 / 2017

I read today not to be too quick of the mark in making an evaluation of someone, especially if you feel emotional or more important, sexually attracted to them. You can put them on a pedestal only to find that they are human, just as you are. Again, financial projections are necessary if you must keep your head above water. You are being swept up in the emotion of the moment and spending more than you should. Your self-esteem is strong right now and you feel like spending excessive amounts on becoming adorable looking. Why not? Problems in close relationships that have been occurring below the surface may appear now.

Life is animated by a festive atmosphere today, whether you are at work or at home. Invite a foreign element in your daily experience by placing some fun decorations, eating some international cuisine or wearing a funny outfit that transports you to another place. It does not take much to turn the driest event into something festive. Many people are ready to laugh and play, and you are there to lead the way, Leo.

I read today a conflict between the Moon and retrograde Mercury in your financial zone can awaken your emotions related to money. A sense of lack may arise if you are struggling to make ends meet. And it is unlikely to be objective if you need to make a decision that affects your finances. On the positive side, this is an excellent time to analyze your feelings about money to see if negativity is blocking your ability to move forward in this area of ​​your life. Focusing on the good things in your life and having faith in your abilities and determination will open a door to abundance.

Leo today excellent day for Leo.

You are in a good creative moment and you can take advantage of all the natural talents that you have in you, as well as the capacities that you have been learning over time.

You have the option to decide the type of work you want to do, so if you are looking for a place to play, you can take the time today to search calmly and to apply to the places you deem appropriate, you will receive a good response in a short time .

If you are already working, it will be a very good day for you, you could receive good results.

A person has been thinking about you for a long time and you have delayed in giving a positive response to an invitation that you have made, do not delay the situation any more and accept this invitation.

The love in the couple is stable and can continue like this if both constantly remember the reason why they decided to be together.

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