Leo horoscope today | 30 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

30 / 08 / 2017

I read today caring for others now seems a burden, but everything really is a matter of perspective. Changing your perspective can often change the way people react, even if the unreasonable demands of your time and energy leave you feeling a bit like a wimp. Your flexibility will now be proven as domestic matters are filled with pressure. You are in a particular situation that makes you feel like you are moving in a revolving door. Exit if you are getting dizzy. You may have to throw some idea into the trash, even if you put a lot of effort into it. You must have faith that the greatest ideas are within you.

May this day bring you all the joy you deserve. Enjoy a sense of personal power as your friends and family recognize your natural leadership, even if that is a role that you have not yet fully incorporated. Light the room with your jokes and antics, too, but do not forget to share the spotlight. After all, a crucial part of leading others is to help them feel important, too.

Leo today taking the lead in love is today's topic. The Moon in Sagittarius, joined to Mars in your sign, is awakening your romantic interior. An animated activity or conversation with your lover is sure to ignite the passion. If you are alone, your elevated attractiveness can catch the attention of an admirer. It would be better if you connect with people who match your high energy, as they are likely to overwhelm more timid souls. However, you may be attracted to an introvert whose strength inside. An influence of Uranus indicates that you are more likely to meet people who are in tune with you through a spiritual or educational activity.

I read today you must begin to pay more attention to your inner desires and to what your mind is telling you, it is time to listen to that voice that we all have and that impels us to make our dreams come true, you are setting aside this and concentrating only on the bad things that happen around you, do not let yourself down for these facts, return to wish and dream about the things you want more.

A pleasant situation at work or in the studies, will be a high point during the day, it could be that you receive a very good qualification or that they give you a task that will give you a lot of personal satisfaction, since it will be a challenge that you are with the disposition to perform.

You have a great capacity to love and you are letting this go because you are afraid to listen to your heart, you know you want a special person, do not let him get away.

Daily meditation: The best defense is a good offense. Jack Dempsey

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