Leo horoscope today | 30 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of I read today

30 / 10 / 2017

Leo today you will see how you are gradually getting your little achievements and goals, just without realizing it, only by the inertia of your good attitude that you have carried out during the last days. You have to know how to appreciate any small detail, without omitting the big ones either.

It is a moment in which you have to find your own balance, both with you and with the people that surround you and love you, with your surroundings. It is also a time in which you have to be flexible to reach agreements, relax tensions and enjoy the tranquility of being more or less in accordance with the ideals that surround you. You must also know how to value the merits of the people who have helped you to achieve your goals, as well as the small individual achievements that you have been achieving on your own.

Your encouragement
It is a moment today to recognize the consequences of our actions, to put ourselves at peace with ourselves from the moment we have done something and we wanted to leave it behind. We must have the courage to face the truth and assume our own mistakes, and achievements. All this will bring you a harmony and serenity that will help you connect more to other people and yourself. Meditate on everything that has happened lately to help you recognize your own actions from a broader point of view.

Your encouragement:

Work and Money
I read today a difficult day in the workplace, since you may have accumulated work during these days and have not noticed. It is possible that you spend more hours than usual in your workplace, but luckily it will be solved with your usual diligence and neatness and hopefully later you could receive some kind of praise for the professional way of solving it. For those who do not have a job, it is a good day to find a job within their curricular skills or find some type of work that involves manual dexterity.

Work and Money:

I read today you're really going to have your head running at a thousand per hour in the sentimental field. Above all, you will have it running with many birds in your head that will barely let you see beyond what really has to matter at this moment, since you will have many ideas with your partner, most of them being disposable, if not practically all of them, since they may be siren songs calling for the impossible and dreams, but also ideas that can end in frustrations and disagreements a posteriori. Concentrate and keep your feet on the ground Leo. For those who do not have a partner, they must have the illusions about the possibility of having a partner, since they may not be reciprocated when they are in love with the idea they have in mind of the other person rather than what they really are.

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