Horoscope Leo weekend | 15 to the September 17

Horoscope Leo weekend

September 15 to 17

What should be a fun activity could turn out to be a financial burden. A date could be too high maintenance or a field trip with children might not give you the expected blow for your money. Do not be afraid to downgrade your plans if you find that it is in your head. You have a lot of expenses right now and you do not need to put more on your plate. Someone might get angry if he pulls the plug, but with the right words he can soften things up. Your weekend horoscope indicates that you probably have more interesting ideas on how to have fun, so move on to Plan B!

The virtue of the Leo of being very observant will be the best quality that they are going to have this weekend and they are going to make some details for family and friends and they will be right in everything they choose. If there is someone who tries to make them change their mind, the Leo should dismiss it, because this may be the big mistake of this weekend.

Something they do have to be careful with is that the details they make to people should be proportional and not do more for one than for another. But, this is something that Leo already have more than studied.

Love for the weekend:
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