Leo monthly horoscope | Julio 2017

If you know how to behave with care, the month will be highly favorable. The reigning astral influences will give the most typical Lions a growing appreciation of their personality

Horoscope monthly Leo

July 2017

The transit of Saturn through the fourth house of your moon sign could make you move to a new place of residence. You will give your best in your work, but your attention may be diverted due to your mother's health problems. It is not a good indication for your health. You would not be interested in material comforts during this period, and your father or your children could face physical problems. There are chances of sudden gains and sudden losses. The transit of Jupiter in your second home will bring happiness and prosperity in your domestic affairs. A promotion or progress in the workplace is likely. It is not a good indication for your life as a couple and love relationships. Your partner will be inclined toward spiritual actions and disagreements will create differences between the two of you. Venus in your tenth house will promote the success of your children and increase your interest in their studies. The transit of the Sun in your eleventh house will help you achieve success in your efforts. It is necessary to pay attention to the health of your children, as they would be prone to diseases during this month. Diseases of the digestive tract could also put strain on your health, so it is advised to have a balanced diet and regular exercise.

If you know how to behave with care, the month will be highly favorable. The reigning astral influences will give the most typical Lions a growing appreciation of their personality, instilling prestige, confidence, satisfaction and deep feelings of superiority.

However, if he fails to master his warlike and even arrogant and dominant temperament, Saturn from the opposite Aquarius and Mars, from Taurus, will discharge his nefarious waves on Leo until the 26 day. They will sink it into continuous depressive wells, from which it will be very difficult for it to get over, or else, if Mars is the one with the most weight in its horoscope, it will not be careful, in other words, to do as it pleases without measuring the consequences of its proceeding. . Its magnetic personality will radiate an intense and blinding brightness.

If you apply it with prudence, you will be able to exercise absolute control over your partner and over all the people who stand in your way. But avoid being arbitrary and abuse your ability to dominate: before the minimum excess the Saturnian dissonance will punish you causing you to wake up a tidal wave of grudges and anger among your loved ones. The Martian rays will awaken their natural aggressive impulses that will be discharged mainly through passionate scenes or unbridled actions.

Know how to direct, that energy and transform it into a positive force. How? Practice sports or some creative activity. With the approval of Mercurio, if you decide to start a new occupation, you intend to obtain a salary increase or you are willing to print modifications to your current job you will have highly satisfactory results.

The 23, the star king and regent of Leo, will begin its gravitation on the sign, initiating the Lions a new chapter of their lives. Therefore, if you respect the slogans of the other planets, it will be an excellent month to start all the projects that have been brewing in recent months.

Lucky days: 1, 4, 10, 13, 19

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