Leo Monthly Horoscope | September 2017

Leo Monthly Horoscope

September 2017

Although you usually love snuggling and purring, all that energy in the Virgo planets has focused on finances. And with Venus, the goddess of love and money, still in your sign up to the 19, you are speaking your mind without a filter and no one is outside the range of fire. As King / Queen of the Jungle, they never evade their responsibilities (without a good cause). However, organizing your paperwork will have an amazing effect on your love life this September because you will feel more in control and on top of things, which we face, is where you prefer to be. Single or together, jump over the paperwork so you have more time for your love life. Then money will not worry your mind or divert your attention from more loving activities. The faster the mood goes, the faster you and your lover can get to the important things: your love life.

Mars, Mercury and the Sun will travel through their second cash house in September, only to be joined by Venus and the New Moon on 19 day. The Universe is giving you a head to get your finances in order. That includes the presentation, the organization and simply knowing what goes where and what balance belongs to whom. Sorry, this is not the advice I expected to see in your September Money Horoscope, but there really is no better time than now, so fix your sleeves and let the organized influence of the Universe help you. The best days to do it are the 9 and the 16 in September. In September, they focus on eliminating the stress that can come without knowing where you are economically. Also, if your pockets allow it, spend a little on stress relief escaping for a couple of days (once your task is done). When it comes to finances, September says review, rest and regroup.

Audacious Mars begins its journey in its earned income sector on the 5. Take this opportunity to pursue a lucrative job, acquire more professional skills and promote your skills. On the same day, reflective Mercury moves directly, facilitating communication with people who can grant favors and give their approval. The Full Moon 6 could mark an exciting turning point in a close relationship. You can decide to move in with the object of your affection.

It is also possible that you are committed or married. Do you already have a partner? Take this opportunity to enjoy a romantic vacation together. Visiting a spa could be especially rewarding. On 9 day, the clever Mercury enters its Financial Sector, which makes it a good time to send job applications, interviews and business negotiations.

The New Moon on the 19 day warns against trying to buy someone's affection. If you want to make a love connection, it must be with someone who appreciates you, not with your bank account. Because affluent Venus moves in its earned income sector on this same day, it could attract a great opportunity to earn money. It is especially important to be on alert for gold prospectors during the second half of September. The Sun, its ruling planet, begins its journey through its Communication Sector on 22 day. Take this opportunity to launch a promotional campaign, add to your blog or record a podcast. Transformativo Pluto goes direct on 28 day, helping to improve your employment situation. The entrance of Mercury to your Educational Sector on 29 day invites you to take a class or attend a conference.

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