#Leo March 2017

#Leo March 2017

#General: Money issues may become prominent near the Full Moon of March's 12. You have a lot of influence and resources at your disposal. You may solve a potential problem by just evaluating the details more closely. There you could realize that it was not a problem at all. Spring fever could hit you very hard when the Sun enters Aries the March 20. The New Moon of the March 27 could touch your heart and make you want to know far away places and have a more global experience. You may not get to Morocco, but you can still enjoy a lamb and a little couscous.

#Amor Singles: Mars enters the 9 March in Tauro, which hinders romantic progress. You may feel at one moment that you can invite a person to leave and the next one to doubt. Wait to be on firmer ground before taking the big step. The Sun in Pisces forms a square with Saturn on the March 17, which tests your dedication and determination. Once you decide, do not hesitate. The triangle between Mercury and Saturn of the March 29 makes it easier for you to seek help and give you valuable advice, so do not be afraid to ask the tough questions. The experts in love can give you great help.

#Amor Couple: Mars enters the stubborn Taurus the March 9, which creates a contradictory energy that can be difficult to carry. If you want to advance at your own pace, let your partner know. The Sun in Pisces forms a square with Saturn the March 17, which creates a pressure cooker for a day when you and your partner may feel that they have to act a certain way. If they can not show their true ways of being, they may not be the right person for you as you thought they were. The trine between Mercury and Saturn of the March 29 adds a useful dose of creativity. Why not try again a couple project that was unsuccessful? You do not usually get second chances like this.

#Job: A generous payment will allow you to enter a more lucrative area in mid-March. Use the extra money you earned to secure a job in an area that is growing at full speed. You no longer want to go from work to work due to a continuous cut of personnel. Acquiring valuable skills in an industry that desperately needs workers will set you on the road to prosperity. You will have the opportunity to do business with a foreign company close to the March 27. Do yourself a favor and learn everything you can about this culture. When you show interest in another person's way of life, you gain their trust and support.

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