Leo Monthly Horoscope | October 2017

Horoscope Monthly Leo

October 2017

Those born between the 23 of July and the 22 of August will live positive moments, although they will still not feel totally full. The apogee of the and the Leo has already passed. After the summer of 2017 in the Northern Hemisphere, those born between the 23 in July and the 22 in August have had to face a somewhat complicated September. For those of the Southern Hemisphere it is worse, since it was still winter, but those who are on top of Ecuador have not seen themselves at their best, especially because of Virgo's entrance, which does not always feel good to this proud sign of the Zodiac that does not do him any hint of grace to end his time and have to give way to the time of others.

Leo October 2017

This month you must relax
No, you definitely have not gone through your best time, dear or is Leo, but the month of October comes to appease you a little, and see that sometimes it is a bit complicated that relax the king of the Zodiac, the strong and hardened lion that he does not know how to stop when he has to stop. Life goes around a lot, something that can come in handy even if you do not always want the changes. The and the Leo are ambitious and always want more, which sometimes brings them nothing but dislikes. What will the 2017 month bring you in October of health, love, money and work?

You are one of the strongest signs of the Zodiac, but you also feel very vulnerable on many occasions. Throughout the month of September you had the mood lower than usual due to the change of season, especially in the case of the Leo and North Hemisphere, who say goodbye to the summer with great regret for how much they like. In addition, you have become too obsessed with a health issue that worries you and that is not so much, but sometimes fear paralyzes you and makes you more harm than anything else. It is good to be forewarned or prevented, but you have to be very careful with what you think and you should not be overwhelmed by something of the future that you can not control right now.

It's a good time for you to think about joining the gym
Thus, throughout the month of October you will be reassuring yourself with those health issues that have given you so many headaches. It is not that you are going to have a month full of energy and joy, or that you are going to get rid of certain discomforts or pains, but only providing relaxation to your existence will give you a lot of peace to face the real problems. On the other hand, it's a good time for you to think about joining the gym, or go more than what you're going, you can take it more seriously if you want to progress, whether you want to lose weight, or if you want to stay or muscular. With patience, perseverance and care, you can improve a lot and feel good.

Love can be a slab for the Leo. When they are in full passion, everything can be wonderful, but when the zodiac king does not feel so energetic and his libido is lower, he may think that having a partner is a burden, since sex stops being a pleasure to be an obligation. The month of September has not been very positive for those born between the 23 of July and the 22 of August, and both their relationships and sexual relationships have not gone through their best. However, the entrance of October will mean a rebound both of love and sex, with the consequent rise in mood and self-esteem, that of what Leo is left over and that low counts can be a real drama.

Leo will recover the sexual and sentimental thrust
The Leo and those who have no partner have spent a September with little desire to know love. There is even someone who has met someone who has shown a lot of interest in them, but those of this sign did not have their head or heart in their place, and very little desire to give a chance to a new love, which implies many things that Leo was not willing or willing to give. What happened? That perhaps you have lost a wonderful person, but it was not your moment, and the things of love can not be forced, so neither should we mortify ourselves. In addition, the tenth month of the year will bring much more desire and enthusiasm to the Leo, who recover the sentimental or sexual drive and will be more willing or willing to meet someone. There may be a train or two or three or three that have passed, but ... and if a quarter approaches? Why not try?

You like the comforts and luxury, although you have enough head to not spend more than you have and always look for your heritage, only sometimes it is easy to get carried away. Repent may feel good, but you, dear or dear Leo, when you make a decision you tend to be inflexible, and although you love to launch into adventure, you measure very well what you do and how you do it. This time you're going to be careful because you're going to spend a little on economic issues and you will not be able to resist those whims you know well that make you crazy or crazy, first d joy, and after desperation thinking about the money that it's gone. You're warned or warned, and if you ignore the stars, at least stay with how much you're going to enjoy, that you enjoy or enjoy.

You like the comforts and luxury
On the other hand, in labor issues you can take a smile to walk. If you have a job and you are of working age, your professional life is improving, and that's because of your effort, your work and your dedication. To all this, it is added that you are being as brave as you should have been some time ago and you are claiming what belongs to you. You like who you are, you like what you do and you like how you do it. Why can not you improve your conditions if you deserve it? The lion has the right to fight, and the lion, when he goes out to fight, knows that he has the right to win. You dare?

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