Leo weekly horoscope | 03 to the 09 of July

This week the stars will urge Leo people to make the right decisions for their careers.

Horoscope weekly Leo

03 to 09 July

During this week, you will have to face mental instability, and therefore you would have difficulties in making decisions. However, you would dominate over your opponents and you will witness an increase in your career. There is a probability of favors from your elders or government authorities. The high profits and the elevation of the spirit would add even more to their happiness. You would have the opportunity to meet eminent people, which could give a new direction to your life. Health problems with children are likely, and you should take proper care of them. Initially, students would face some problems, but eventually they will do well in their fields. A long-awaited wish of yours can be fulfilled during this week. You will work well at work. You must pay attention to your mother's health, as it could be affected.

This week the stars will urge Leo people to make the right decisions for their careers. You are very comfortable on a human level, with your co-workers and with your bosses you maintain a friendly relationship. However, you are professionally stagnant. You have the capacity and knowledge enough to perform tasks much more complex than you do today.

During the next few days you will feel the courage to leave your comfort zone and venture to find a place where you can continue to develop professionally. In the sentimental field, the men of Leo who are in a relationship will feel very much in love and contentment. You are in the middle of the romance stage, so you should take this weekend to dedicate it to the woman you love. For her part, Leo's wife will make important decisions this week. Finally you will decide what you want with your love relationship.

You will no longer settle and you will demand from your partner what you want for a relationship. As long as the people of Leo who are alone will know someone this week. During the next few days you will connect through the Internet with someone who lives in another country and you will feel an immediate attraction for him or her. It is a relationship that, by distance, will go slowly but steadily. Astrologically it is very well sponsored and can become a relationship that ends in a marriage or in a coexistence

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