Leo Weekly Horoscope | 10 to the 16 of July

The people of Leo should prioritize this week their health above all things. In the family environment you have been very stressed because you have taken over

Horoscope Weekly Leo

10 to 16 July

This week you will feel replete with the persistent energy of the recent full moon, Leo. A new opportunity can come to your meeting at work. Embrace it and trust that you have the ability to achieve everything you set out to do. If you are in a relationship, there may be a lesson to be learned in the art of letting go and letting go. If something does not go as planned, let it flow and have fun anyway, Leo.

Single Leo, this week you should celebrate and appreciate your independence. Take a moment to enjoy the freedom that comes with being single. If you are away during the week, trust that love could find you in the most unlikely places, and have faith. Dance to your heart this week, Leo.

The people of Leo should prioritize this week their health above all things. In the family you have been very stressed because you have taken care of a relative who suffers from an illness. That's fine, but you should not forget to take care of your own health. For some time you have some pain in different areas of the body but you have not made any medical consultation.

Do it as soon as possible, do not postpone it anymore because then you could regret it. In the workplace, you should be very careful this week. During the next few days, coworkers will approach you and through deception they will want to know things about your private life. They will tell you that they have heard rumors but that will be completely false, do not believe a word of those comments and do not torment yourself thinking that this is what people really think about you. The problem is that you have recently started a relationship with someone from your work environment who has a higher status than you. This has caused the envy of many co-workers, do not pay attention to them.

Concentrate on performing your functions well and you will not have any problem. In the field of love, the men and women of Leo who are alone will be very disoriented this week. You are interested in a person but he or she does not finish deciding whether or not to go out with you. One day he makes you expect and the next day he tells you that they will only be friends. The stars advise you not to waste your time and to continue on your way.

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