Leo Weekly Horoscope | 11 to the September 17

Leo Weekly Horoscope

September 11 to 17

Have fun with your partner or with your friends will be at the top of your list of priorities during the last Moon in Gemini. The lack of funds can ruin the sumptuous treats you had foreseen, however. It's not to worry about! The Moon in your sign this weekend will make your mojo return to the track. Your emotions will run high, which will fuel the passion or prick depending on who you are talking to. If it's the drama you want, you'll get it, and what Leo is not a drama queen / king of heart. You will be attracted to people who inspire romance in your soul and appreciate your generous spirit.

If you are single, your search for love becomes more focused and serious now. "Proyecto Pareja" gets underway, and online dating sites are very attractive. Just remember that love often appears when you're not looking! Do not ignore the obvious.

When all you want to do is talk about the situation until you feel that you have achieved enough validation, this is a good time to take Facebook, because you will always have friends who will tell you that you are right and what message to say they feel sorry for you , or wish you the best. I can not say I've had all the luck with this, sometimes I'm on Facebook and my friends call me saying I'm wrong and taking the other people's side, or posting some strange opinions that have nothing to do with the argument at hand.

You should let it go, but then you're having a drink with a girlfriend you have not seen since the last drama in your life happened and guess what you're talking about? You need to focus on the work in your life, yes, it's not changing much, it's still going to be there to keep you warm at night, you can probably make it work with your eyes closed and there's truly no disasters that happen in that aspect of your life, so you have this golden opportunity to harp on something that has really been bothering you even though more people than you explain it and more people weighing in that it will not make you feel better. You just have to keep going and stop talking about it. In fact, it takes all the things from the story of tears that you tell people and just cut them out of their vocabulary. You will tell funny, wonderful and successful stories. If it does not fall into one of those three categories, you will not talk about it anymore.

The Moon moves to Gemini on Monday and you just want to talk about your past problems. The Moon moves to Cancer on Wednesday while Venus trills Saturn, bringing positive influence to business relationships. The Sun places Saturn on Thursday bringing feelings of inadequacy. The Moon moves to Leo on Friday and spends the weekend there as Venus is sextile to Jupiter that allows you to express your feelings, but you need to adapt it to good feelings only. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Saturday bringing intellectualism.

Ascendant: You need to stop talking terribly about yourself

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