Leo Weekly Horoscope | 14 at 20 in August

Horoscope Weekly Leo

14 to August 20

Someone can betray your trust this week, which is obviously hurtful. Try not to take it too personally, anyway. You do not know the full circumstances behind this event. A kind and tolerant reaction is much more appropriate than a furious reaction.

You have your backpack again, your sweatshirt on, a favorite song stuck in your head, probably summer pop summer success, since they put it on the radio and you listen to it in your car and you can not get it out of your head , and you really hope it is not the new success of Georgie Dann, because while he did it right the first time with his catchy lyrics, this new song is not the same, you are seeing all your teenage years go by and you have given Mind that like your love with Taylor Swift, this is a hipster thing you're listening to.

You'd rather subscribe to the likes of the weekend and, frankly, you'd love to have adventures like the ones you sing for, you wake up and thank the universe that you're alive, but you wish you were waking up next to someone special, for some of you It is in the predictions, however, as some of you have spouses that wake up at different times and you really can not plan a perfect awakening next to someone awesome, stretch, get there and start doing things further. Although, you really would not complain if there was sex every day before work, that would be something you would really enjoy to start a routine with someone. Until then, you will take the music in the car on the way to work, and mix it on the way home, and you will sing it to the fullest regardless of whether or not you are in tune or out of place. The Moon starts the week in Taurus and you have the passion in your brain, who cares what is happening at work anyway? The Moon moves to Gemini on Tuesday and you are flying through all your varied hobbies. The Moon moves to Cancer on Thursday while Venus square to Jupiter brings insincerity and sensitivity. Venus is quincunx to Saturn on Friday bringing insulation that is not what you want at all. The Moon moves to Leo on Saturday, while Mars is sextile to Jupiter, bringing confidence and motivation.

It will be an ideal week for people to read drastic changes in their lives. During the next few days, the stars will give you the courage you need to perform the actions that are necessary to modify those aspects of your life that you do not like or do not make you happy. In the workplace, it will be an excellent week. People of the sign of Leo who are unemployed will receive a hopeful call during the next five days that will restore their spirits.

In the financial and business field, it will also be a week with a very good astral sponsorship. In your work you will ascend or get another position that will have a much more abundant salary than the one you receive today. If you do not like your job, it's the ideal time to start looking for another one. In the sentimental field, the men and women of this sign will not have a good week. Things with your partner are not good.

There is a person who has recently started working with your partner. It is clear that he or she likes you because you name him constantly and that has started to worry you. The danger is real, you are not imagining it. So far nothing has happened between them, but in the not too distant future it could happen. Stay tuned and try to consolidate more the bond with the person you love.

Ascending Leo: You can not get that song out of your head.

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