Leo Weekly Horoscope | 17 to the 23 of July

It will be a week in which the people of Leo must learn to improve their bad temper. Control yourself and think twice before speaking

Horoscope Weekly Leo

17 to 23 July

This week you will feel powerful, Leo. If the issues have been going the way you expected, you will feel confident in all areas of your life. The planetary alignment in your chart focuses on the area of ​​romance, and this means that love is going to be around you. If you are in a relationship, go further with your partner and let him know how much it means to you, Leo.

I'm single, this week friendships will be important to you. If you get free time around the middle of the week, stay with your friends, they will help you draw a smile on your face. If there is someone you have been admiring from a distance, let them know about your interest. Do not let the fear of rejection hold you back - if you never take the initiative, you're never going to get the rewards, Leo.

It will be a week in which the people of Leo must learn to improve their bad temper. Control yourself and think twice before speaking, this will save you a lot of problems in all areas, but particularly in the workplace. Lately you have been very egocentric and you have neglected your partner, your family and your friends so much. Take this weekend to gather them and strengthen the bond you have with them through small details through which you show all your affection In the field of work, this week both those who have work and those who are unemployed, will begin to receive offers of peculiar work thanks to the astral influence that the people of this sign will have.

Although they are strange, you should not reject these opportunities because they will mean a great economic and professional advance for you. In the field of love, the man of Leo will be engulfed this week in his reflections. You feel that you can no longer communicate with the same fluency as before with your partner. However, this does not mean that love is over or that the relationship is going to end. It is a small obstacle in the way that they will have to overcome together.

On the other hand, Leo's wife will have a good week. You are very much in love, but you are afraid to give yourself completely to that feeling because you have lived very bad experiences with your last relationships. However, your current partner is a good person and loves you. The only thing that will give you will be great satisfactions. Keep fears away from you and do not sabotage your own happiness.

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