Leo Weekly Horoscope | 18 to the September 24

Leo Weekly Horoscope

September 18 to 24

Sharing your authenticity can attract someone special or deepen your current relationship. The New Moon and Venus in Virgo in your monetary zone encourage you to adopt an approach based on love by paying attention to the details (likes, dislikes, character traits) of whoever you encounter in your personal life. You will be attracted to people who delight in sensual pleasure and have at least one foot on the floor. The romance can be found through a friend or group activity on Wednesday or through an online source this weekend. If you are matched, discussing practical issues with your partner will strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

During this New Moon, think about how your finances could help you be healthier. Whether investing in a gym membership or spending a little more to buy organic foods, put your welfare first when you are considering your budget.

The stars are supporting you so that you are very successful in the field of business. Everything is in order, your finances are still prospering, but, nevertheless, you can not feel fear for the future. Keep those apocalyptic thoughts away from you because abundance is in your life and if you manage as you have done up to now, it will continue to be so. In the workplace, this week your effort and dedication will begin to bear fruit during this week.

You will be invited to a meeting attended only by a select group composed of the most powerful and influential people in the company where you work. It is a moment where all the doors are opening and you have to be attentive to take advantage of all the opportunities. However, your new position implies that you will have to dedicate it to work much longer than before and your family will feel abandoned. In order not to end up losing your family, you must learn to efficiently manage your time. In the field of love you are very pessimistic.

You have recently started a relationship, but you are acting with distrust, as if something bad were going to happen. Your attitude is completely unjustified, the person that you have by your side really loves you, what happens is that you fear that situations that you have lived in the past will be repeated. This will be a good week to leave those fears behind and live intensely the excellent sentimental moment you are going through.

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