Leo Weekly Horoscope | 24 to the 30 of July

It will be a week in which the people of Leo will have to face some difficulties, especially in the sentimental and economic area.

Horoscope Weekly Leo

24 to 30 July

The alignment of the planets this week indicates that a very important friendship for you is put to the test this week, Leo. Listen to all sides of the story and do not jump to conclusions. Your intuition may not be the best this week, so you're going to have to give this person the benefit of the doubt. If you are in a relationship, talk to your partner for advice - that will help you find the solution, Leo ..

I'm single, if you've recently started seeing someone new, take your time to get to know each other correctly. Although you may feel ready to immerse yourself, it is important that you do not force things. If you are still looking for that person you need to trust that the right person is out there for you. Love is just around the corner to thrill you, Leo ..

It will be a week in which the people of Leo will have to face some difficulties, especially in the sentimental and economic area. In the workplace, the next few days will be ideal for you to demonstrate your potential and your skills. You know you have all the knowledge and preparation you need to occupy a much higher position than you currently occupy. However, you do not dare to apply for this position because your fears and insecurities limit you.

So far you have done an excellent job and because of that, your boss will recommend you for another position, do not reject her because you are more than capable for her. In the field of finance and business, there will be commercial agreements that have not been fulfilled. They were verbal agreements and therefore you have no way of claiming that they are met. You trusted that person and this disappointed you. You can not do anything but that will help you not to be so naive in the future, everything must be in writing so that complications do not appear later.

In the field of love, the men and women of Leo should handle themselves intelligently during this week if they want to preserve their respective sentimental relationships. You have worked hard, you have made many sacrifices and many concessions but your partner is increasingly distant. Things are not completely lost but you must demand from your partner a greater delivery. Demand it on good terms, seductively. Do not start a fight because in the state in which they are, a strong argument could cause the break.

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