Leo Weekly Horoscope | 26 June to 02 for July

During this week the stars will widely favor all issues related to the health of men and women of Leo.

Horoscope Weekly Leo

26 June to 02 for July

If you do not feel one hundred percent, if you are in a moment physically or simply plain frail, take some time. Cancel non-essential commitments, keep social communication at a minimum - basically set aside the world and give yourself time to gather strength. Pluto is in the center of the stage and this "planet" has the unpleasant habit of bringing problems to the surface, just when you were less prepared for them.

And if you've been avoiding any kind of confrontation, you can guarantee that Pluto will accelerate the process. Is there a positive side? Of course, and some Leo will experience a major change that relieves the pressures and anxieties of recent months.

During this week the stars will widely favor all issues related to the health of men and women of Leo. On Monday will begin a very favorable cycle for recoveries of complex surgery or long treatments. You will have a great facility to recover the vitality and harmony of the organism. In the workplace it will be a week in which unpleasant incidents will occur.

A person of feminine sex will start working in your company, who had in the past a romantic relationship with your current partner. However, do not worry, she will not mix things up and you should do the same. In the sentimental field, the men and women of Leo will feel this week a lot of vitality and will concentrate all their energy in trying to solve their love problems. You have recently started a relationship that is based primarily on passion and sensuality. However, you are increasingly interested in getting the relationship to turn into something serious.

So far you have avoided telling him or her because you do not know what your reaction will be. However, this weekend can be a long time alone. Use it to tell the man or woman next to you what you are beginning to feel. Maybe you will not receive the answer you expected but it would be better to know the truth as soon as possible so as not to continue to be emotionally involved with that person. For their part, people of this sign who are alone will feel quite depressed this week.

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