Leo Weekly Horoscope | 30 from October to 5 from November

Leo Weekly Horoscope

30 from October to 5 from November


Throughout this week you will find something plethoric to be where you are currently, but you must be cautious, since what has been achieved can vanish just as quickly as it comes. You have to keep in mind the universal maxim of everything that goes up, it tends to go down as well.

It is a time of enjoyment, but at the same time of being cautious and cautious, since possibly the rush to want more and go further will lead us to that possible collapse. You must be cautious and patient at the same time, to be able to put those foundations on your current achievements to prevent them from collapsing.

Keyword of the Week: Caution

In the field of health,

It is a week in which you will be overflowing with energy, people will appreciate you for your touch of truth in your affirmations and for the intelligence of them. Mentally you are going to be sharp enough to be able to give that subtle touch of yours to put all the points on the "I's", since you will tend to see everything clear and diaphanous so that you are convincing. You will know who you are at this moment, know what you want and where you want to go. It is a moment of extreme mental and emotional stability.

Key Word in Health: Intelligence

In the labor and economic sphere

This week will be totally creative and with an overflowing sense of originality. You will undertake things in which previously it would have been impossible for you to comply with them, and you will do so with a smile in your mouth since you will believe not only that you deserve this task, but you will also overflow with self-confidence to do it. It is a time when you will feel practically one with work. For those who are unemployed is a great time to receive a resounding YES to any interview and to perform work done with creativity and ingenuity.

Key Word in the Labor and Economic: Generosity

In the field of love,

You will be totally happy with your partner, you have reached a new level which has been difficult to reach. They are very possible getaways, dinners and lunches with your partner to enjoy your relationship. A moment in which you will feel very comfortable as your confidence and rapport will reach new levels, you could practically say that you understand by telepathy since few words are enough to make you understand what you want to say. For those who are single, it is very likely that they meet their possible partner within their area of ​​friends or related.

Key Word in Love: Complicity
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