Leo Weekly Horoscope | 4 to the September 10

Leo Weekly Horoscope

September 4 to 10

Money will be a great motivator when Mars travels through Virgo. Improving your income will be on your mind during Mercury in Virgo as well. But it's not just about money, your values ​​will be important to you and your relationships. You are likely to be attracted to people who are highly sensual or practical and who will take you to earth a little. The full moon in Pisces can awaken emotions that need healing, so take time to reflect if you need some peace and quiet. Meeting a close friend will raise your spirits. As for love, you'll be ready for a romantic adventure on Thursday or Friday!

Do you know what the article should have? Do you really have it? Are you sure? Mars is driving toward impulse spending, but you will have plenty of time to repent when the bills arrive. Try to keep a budget, even if it feels good.

Your attitude will not evaporate with the wave of a magic wand, if it were so easy, you would not be who you are, and that tendency towards anger and ego would not be there. That said, you will not pay attention to someone who is not serving your highest purpose in life. You do not need to spend all your time feeling terrible for your actions, so you're going to get into all the work projects that need to be done because you can feel passionate and excited about those things without feeling like your brain is falling out of your head.

It is very frustrating to have these moral disagreements with people, partly because you are always right, and partly because even when you are not right, you can make it an argument. How? As Leo, even when I start to tell someone that their point of view is correct, I end up following with belligerent comments about the person whose opinions I agree with. Yes, it becomes a stupid discussion about nothing, and it usually ends with exhaustion and sleep, and then ignorance because nobody has so much time to argue about anything.

Well, some people do, I've seen people at the customer service counters refusing to leave despite having made their point a dozen times, and the customer service representative makes his point and the stalemate continues while everyone else in need of the service representative suffers online.

The Moon begins the week in Aquarius and you will cause disturbances. Mars moves to Virgo on Tuesday and we have a full moon moving through Aquarius to Pisces and you have so much to say, whether you are right or not. The Moon moves to Aries on Wednesday and you are taking some cheap shots. The Moon moves to Taurus on Saturday, when Mercury moves to Virgo and gets into the work cave.

Upward: All this absurd argument!
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