#Leo from 13 to 19 for February

#Leo from 13 to 19 for February

#General: If you already have a romantic adventure planned with your love, it could be an adventure to remember. You probably want to go somewhere exotic, even if it's only a few days. If you do not have company and you are far from your home on Valentine's Day, the romance may appear unexpectedly. It will last? Maybe not, but you will enjoy it immensely. With the entrance of the Sun to a more intense sector of your astral chart this weekend, it could be the time to resolve an emotional issue.

#Amor Couple: Will improving communication between you help the relationship in general? The answer to this question during the beginning of the week is a resounding yes. When they take the time to listen to each other, they will be surprised at how close they feel. Passion is impossible to placate during the weekend, and why would you want to do it? Being in the same physical level is exciting and is just what they need.

#Amor Singles: What are your best plays? Do you prefer to meet in person or are you better with text messages or direct messages on social networks? In either case, communication is important at the beginning of the week, so work to refine your style. You connect with someone almost immediately during the weekend, which is exciting. Going fast in the physical aspect is not always a bad thing.

#Profession: The focus is on power games, long-term plans and large corporate structures. Trust your intuition now. However, you could be in a bad mood. Those who work in restaurants, homes or service to families will enjoy the easiest flow of energy. People appreciate you saying what you think in a calm and direct way. Prepare for some unexpected breakdowns or the need to review what you thought is over.

#Money: You prepare to spend on beautiful things to make your life more comfortable and relaxed. But maybe you do not need all those gadgets or those trips with everything paid. Cutting a bit on expenses can leave more space for future projects, trips and activities that really ignite your fire. Your friends can help you stay on track.

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