#Leo from the 13 to the March 19

#Leo from the 13 to the March 19

#General: Mercury's entry into your exploration sector may make you want to travel to a place you've never visited before. You may see photos and reviews online and that is why you crave it and book the trip. But you may have responsibilities related to your profession or business, and take care of them can give good results at this time. If you do your job well, you may have more chances of being promoted or getting more clients.

#Amor Couple: Is not it nice when you agree? There is verbal harmony in the relationship in the first part of the week, but that does not mean you can not question or object to something that was said. We must strive to achieve perfection, but it is not something to be disappointed if they do not get it. Target the needs and desires of the other during the weekend. RPGs and fantasies can be fun!

#Amor Singles: Are the opposites attracted or the like meet? You have to choose between two very different people at the beginning of the week, so choose wisely. Your seduction skills are enhanced during the weekend, and romance is like your second language. A passing physical relationship has the potential to become serious, but not everything is destined to last. Take it easy until you can figure out which way you want to go.

#Profession: This is a strong period for you. It has a greater sense of harmony and optimism. The focus on providing excellent customer service will win a positive response from all concerned. If you are still looking for a new or better job, energy brings luck for any new start. Make sure you include all the details of your past experience. People in positions of authority may require careful management. Unresolved issues must now be faced.

#Money: This week you are setting the stage for a new chapter. The time has come to look more professional, so going out to buy office clothes is not a bad idea. You will notice that your attitude changes and that you are able to attract the type of offers you really want. The Universe is alerting new ways to pay the debt or request financing if you need a credit extension.

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