#Leo from 20 to 26 for February

#Leo from 20 to 26 for February

#General: Work commitments and responsibilities may overwhelm you right now and this may be the reason why getting away from it all is such an attractive plan. But an impulsive decision, such as answering your boss or losing time instead of working, could be something you regret later. You may have to honestly evaluate what you want at this time. The Solar Eclipse on Sunday can help you in this matter.

#Amor Couple: Prepare for the romance factor to become more intense at the beginning of the week. When things go as you expect, you and your partner shine. No doubt about it! You hold your partner firmly in the last days of the week, but have you ever wondered why? If there is not a good reason to hold on like this, take a little distance. Mutual trust can be liberating and reaffirming.

#Amor Singles: A romantic surprise comes to you at the beginning of the week. Just because it's unexpected does not mean it's not worthy of your attention. Your feelings may not be matched the way you would like during the weekend, but it is a start. The moment you surrender is the same moment when your chances are reduced. Not all the details will be as you imagined them.

#Profession: This can be a powerful and unresolved period for you. There may be unfortunate events related to communication that are not your fault. Many people are simply not focused on work. These are the best days to focus on teamwork and recognize their contributions. You will feel particularly optimistic in a few days. The jobs that involve children will be especially satisfying. Prepare for the next weeks.

#Money: This week you are at the core of things with certain aspects affecting your money and values ​​sector. You are being forced into a certain area of ​​your life that has been unattended for too long. Put a little more of your thought and action on how to earn money and how much you want to earn in the future.

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