#Leo from 27 from February to 5 from March

#Leo from 27 from February to 5 from March

#General: On the one hand, the Sun in a more intense sector of your astral chart can direct your focus inward and lead you to explore the deeper layers of your personality. On the other hand, a dynamic mix of energies could attract your outward gaze so you can take advantage of new opportunities and discover new territories. Your perspective will change radically in whatever direction you follow. On Saturday, Venus, the planet of love, becomes retrograde and this may be the opportunity for you to reunite with a person you met a long time ago.

#Amor Couple: Do you want to accommodate your budget or see how they will pay for the next vacation? Postpone all discussions about money if possible, because conversations on this topic at the beginning of the week could do more harm than good. You have some tricks up your sleeve during the weekend and this is something that your partner loves. When it comes to romantic skills, there's no one to beat you.

#Amor Singles: Do you feel that you would do much better in the dating world if you had a better car or the coolest new accessories? Do not worry about keeping up with others. Your style is unique, and eventually someone who appreciates you as you are will appear. You have special talents that attract attention during the weekend, and you feel comfortable being the center of attention. A fun date may be the final result.

#Profession: It is likely that you spend most of this period focusing on social commitment. Even if you have to work a lot, the safest thing is that your social calendar is full. Connection opportunities are everywhere. This is an exuberant period. Dress the best you can and make a good impression. Many things that have been delayed will begin to move forward soon, and you will feel as if you have progressed. Pay close attention to the areas where personal finance and business are mixed.

The activity in your sector of groups and politics urges you to stop hiding behind e-mails and texts to do business. The phone is fine sometimes, but if you want to be reminded, it is best to introduce yourself in person. Meetings with new clients in a social environment can lead to rapid sales, while with existing colleagues they can build teamwork. You can feel that you are behind the curve in some way, but you are exactly where you need to be.

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