#Leo weekly horoscope from 6 to March 12

#Leo weekly horoscope from 6 to March 12

#General: Perhaps a deeper inner pulse is the reason why you contemplate key situations and the reasons that may lie behind them. A focus on a more sensitive area of ​​your birth chart suggests that the next few weeks may be times of change, where it may be important to leave behind those things that do not do you good. This could be very helpful if you have an ambitious plan in mind, since the less emotional baggage you carry, the better for you.

#Amor Couple: Your relationship has suffered some blows lately, but it is not out of combat yet. Take some time at the beginning of the week to identify your strengths and take advantage of them instead of focusing on your weaknesses. Money matters dominate much of your time over the weekend, but sharing finances does not have to be stressful. Consult a professional if that is what will make things easier.

#Amor Singles: You have played some unfortunate cards in the game of love lately, but that does not mean you should retire. You have a lot of self-confidence in the first part of the week, which should help you get through these negative moments. Money complicates your love life at the end of the week, but do not make it harder than it should be. Or someone likes you for who you are or does not like you.

#Profession: This is a moment of great energy in which you can expect a positive vote for your efforts. This period supports the creation of contacts and excellent customer service. Careful organization and attention to detail are necessary now. It may become clearer what you have to do if someone questions your methods. It will be important to face unavoidable realities and restrictions. Take care of your character Frustrations can lead to unfortunate outbursts.

#Money: The Universe is giving you an incredible creative force now. You may have many ideas on how to make more money, invest it and use it to improve your life. Certain aspects affect your debt sector and the money of others. Prepare for the best and the worst, and pay what you can.

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