Leo Weekly Horoscope | 21 at 27 in August

Horoscope Weekly Leo

21 to August 27

The solar Eclipse in Leo has a dramatic effect on your levels of self-confidence and you may even feel that your own identity is under threat. Wait. Affirm and stand firm. The earth may be changing, but you can stay stable.

Ready to roar and fly, Leo? The 21 Monday of August is an important day in the astrological calendar. The second of a super-rare pair of new Leo moons comes in the form of a total solar eclipse, which is a serious firework for your cosmic New Year. But before exploding in the next 12 months cycle, recognize where you've come with a glass of champagne to all your accomplishments over the past six months. This "attitude of gratitude" will lay the foundation for sustained growth and liberation. Remember, letting go of things and people that no longer fit into your life is as important as bringing new faces and activities. You may want to investigate the rituals and make one during this eclipse. Get in touch with your deepest wishes for the next six months and set some high intentions. Write by hand in your journal or on a piece of paper you can keep, focusing on what you want to achieve by the corresponding full moon of Leo the next January 31 (a lunar eclipse). If some of your goals involve creative projects, go through the old notes or sketches. Maybe you want to resume work in some, while others may awaken a new vision. With artistic Venus entering your show on Saturday (until September's 19), the muse will be in the house, and you will find inspiration wherever you look!

Your birthday season celebrations may be coming to an end on Tuesday, but when the Sun (your heavenly ruler) navigates Virgo and your second home of money and security, your thoughts will turn to matters that are at least as important. how to commemorate his birth. From now until the September 22, you'll be focused on getting your finances in order-and taking care of all those details that are not exactly "fun." You can think and live big, but it is this Virgo energy of grounding that keeps the wheels of life oiled. First order of business: Get control over your cash flow. Do you know exactly how much you earn after taxes? Can you even calculate how much you spend each month? And how much is left to save? Er ... if you can not answer these questions, it's definitely time for some financial planning and budgeting. Do you want to make a career change? Do not just flap, Leo. Develop a systematic plan to update your resume and online information and photos and disseminate the word that is on the market. The clearer you are about what you want, the more likely it is to manifest it!

Friday brings relief for your romantic and creative life. Slow Saturn ends a five-month flashback in Sagittarius and his passionate fifth house and begins to move forward. What was not working-or moving fast enough-in the game of love should begin to change. If a new relationship just came out of the earth and things suddenly started going south, this should get back on track. Unless, of course, during Saturn's retreat you had an epiphany that this is how that person behaves and that, no thanks, you're not interested. Even strong couples may have grown a little complacent, taking each other for granted or becoming too caught up in their own work or family dramas. This correction of the course is a perfect opportunity to go out and have a loving combination on reconnection at that level of the soul. Single? You can leave your lair safely and have a look. You may find many more interesting options than you have noticed since April. Creatively, you will be able to get traction on projects or find an appreciative audience. Take advantage of Saturn's planning skills and divide your mission into small and feasible steps. Since the fifth house rules fame, you could be stepping on the red carpet - or the center stage! - before the year runs out.

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