Leo Week Runes | 19 to the 25 of June | Text

This Leo Week, the rune that governs you announces the satisfaction of emotional needs.

Runes Leo Week

19 to the 25 of June

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This Week Leo, the rune that governs you announces the satisfaction of emotional needs. It is time to let yourself be guided by intuition, to do creative and imaginative things, projects that will have beneficial consequences.

In the health, Leo will have the need to complement your routine with some treatment or some habit. It will be necessary for you to order your thoughts and instead of worrying about what you can not control, let yourself be led to feel better, since a superior force is taking you on the right path.

With regard to work, you will feel protected and even comfortable, however, that will not last, a sudden and painful change is coming. You should take it as a way to reorient yourself, to focus on yourself and see what you are capable of doing. It is never too late to look inward and be honest with yourself.

In the loving aspect A change is also coming. For those who have a partner, indicates that you must work very hard to maintain it. For those who do not have it, the fight will be just as hard to move forward. However, there are surprises that can be fatal without accompanied by rumors or joy that can take you to new beginnings.

The council of the Angels is: Who does not have time for their friends, will not have friends when they have time.

I bid you farewell to the next runic run, but not before sending you my maximum blessing, may the angels take care of you and guide you on your great path ahead of you. Always be the being of light that we really are.

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