Leo Week Runes | 26 from June to 2 from July | Text

The rune that governs you speaks of new beginnings, what you have lived so far must change, but you must take the reins

Runes Leo Week

26 from June to 2 from July

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The rune that rules you talks to you about new beginnings, what you have lived so far must change, but you must take the reins, take the initiative. It is possible that you experience a personal transformation, you must not resist this change, since it is a positive change.

In the health you will pick up what is sown. If you have committed any excess, this will pass bill, however, if you have acquired a new habit, this will bring you welfare. Maybe you should still make some small change, but you are protected. Your mind will be clear and your physical health will not suffer any mishap, as long as no irresponsibility is committed. Beware of reckless acts.

At work, there are movements and new projects that will not satisfy you, since that will imply a brusque and unpleasant change for you. Maybe you start a new job that will cause you to feel overwhelmed or bad feelings. It is possible that you feel frustration and for that reason you do not see yourselves with strength or desire to move forward. You must reassure yourself, let this bad spell pass and do everything possible for it, although it does not really depend on you.

As for love, You will feel a great vitality, maybe it is your escape valve. You will interact with people and although the runes do not speak of beginnings, if they speak of the motivation for it. You will have strength to be able to plant the seeds of a relationship or renew the passion in which you already have and that will bring you great personal satisfaction. You will be grateful and possibly that gratitude will be rewarded materially.

The Council of Angels: Putting order in things is a wise task. It is possible that during this week you notice that you are more stressed than usual, more nervous. You must relax and order your thoughts.

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