Libra 2017: year to get good allies

Libra 2017: year to get good allies

Personal Life in the 2017:
During the first ten months of the 2017, the enthusiastic and compassionate Jupiter will be in your Libra sign. His presence can help you to make endless good things. Strong allies, partners and friends will be there to support you. Have a persistent vision, help, be useful, and you will have a great year!

Venus and the Moon will be in conjunction in the Air Sign Aquarius at the beginning of the 2017. Love and all relationships and social connections will benefit from the fresh and clear but compassionate view of the Air element.

Jupiter will be retrograde from February until the beginning of June, giving you extra time to make the most of all the good things that Jupiter can bring you. This setback will not take away your luck, but it does focus on internal problems that are less obvious. Your personal affairs will receive more luck so that you are in better shape for the summer.

As the Sun enters Libra, Mercury, Venus and Mars will find themselves in the sensible and successful Virgo. Your efforts may sometimes feel modest, but they will have great influence and consequences.

The Sun will also be in conjunction with the asteroid Vesta, which will lead you to sacrifice yourself and share your blessings and good luck in a natural way. The Moon will be in a conjunction of separation with Jupiter at the same time. Both feelings and intentions will deepen and you will focus more on what is most important to you.

Love in the 2017 - Couples:
Your relationships enjoy a beautiful and bright light throughout the 2017. With Jupiter in Libra for most of the year, both romantic couples and your allies are tremendously important and treasured. If the extravagance arises, together, they can withdraw and avoid being dragged by desire and lust.

Venus, your ruling planet, will be retrograde during the spring. Such a movement will begin in the selfish Aries, but will conclude in the empathic Pisces. Any trace of selfishness will be overcome by a more generous and deeply loving spirit.

As the Sun enters Libra, the asteroid Ceres will find itself on the verge of leaving the domestic and traditional Cancer. The desire and drive to take care of each other will never fade throughout the year.

Venus will find herself entering Virgo at that same moment as well. This will further increase the chances of a comfortable, pleasant and loving home life.

Jupiter entering Scorpio in October only deepens and strengthens true love, authenticity, integrity and expression of true loving intention.

If December brings demands and pressures from the professional world, that will not ruin your festive spirit. Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn will pave the way for a wonderful but realistic New Year's Eve that will be rich in mutual respect.

Love in the 2017 - Singles:
It's a great year for dating and they invite you to go out, to flirt and flirt with you! The conjunction between Mars and Neptune in Pisces radiates a romantic and dreamy light throughout the year.

Jupiter in Libra creates countless opportunities to satisfy, entertain and let love entertain you. So go find it!

Venus begins the year in the intelligent and sensitive but objective Aquarius. In the spring, Venus becomes retrograde in fiery Aries and ends in the super romantic Pisces. If you want or plan to get married, consider doing so after the end of this setback, which will be in mid-April.

Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, making love grow and become more attractive. Loving affections could be turned on since then.

The month of December might feel less warm, but in reality love becomes more responsible to be able to improve later. Enjoy more sweet, sensitive and romantic moments as the Sun and Saturn meet in Capricorn.

Profession & Money in the 2017:

Both your finances and your career receive a great boost in the 2017. The conjunction of Sun-Pluto in Capricorn illuminates all your best plans and intentions. Be serious, intense and decisively.

Jupiter's retreat in Libra from February through early June can slow the pace of anything that is growing too fast, or decrease the tendency to overspend.

As the Sun enters Libra in September, the Lunar North Node will be in the dramatic and generous Leo. Avoid superficial psychodramas and focus on making changes that are equally dramatic so that you can improve your position and image at work.

With the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn as the year ends, the monetary issues will be solid, practical and under control. Try that your holiday season is not so expensive and you will start the 2018 in a very good financial position.

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