Libra horoscope today | 24 / 07 / 2017

Libra today understand those around you and the environment where you develop day by day is the task you must face today.

Horoscope of Libra today

24 / 07 / 2017

With the new Moon in your eleventh house of friendships, along with Mars, Mercury and the karmic node, you have the opportunity not only to strengthen your current social ties, but to forge new friendships and alliances. You will be able to form a team with people who can help you. This is a good time to look for ways to improve your profitability at work, especially if you are running a business. Circumstances justify a diplomatic approach in your daily contact with others now. You can find yourself in the role of doing public relations work where subtlety, charm, and a persuasive manner are a necessity. You can make a series of short trips soon.

Libra today understand those around you and the environment where you develop day by day is the task you must face today.
Many times we strive to be heard, but we do not pay attention to the rest, much less give them the understanding you need.
Start practicing this exercise during the day, since you could improve even more labor relations, study and love.
Health is well and you must take care of it so that it stays that way for a long time.
If you have children, probably one of them will give you a story that you will find challenging and not according to what you have taught, try to calm down and think about the generation difference, as well as their inexperience, looking for solutions instead of punishments or sudden reactions, because you might regret later or lose the confidence that your son has placed in you.

Daily Meditation: Power does not reveal itself by calling loudly or often, but by calling to the truth. - Honoré de Balzac

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