#Libra 11 / 03 / 2017

#Libra 11 / 03 / 2017

#General: Be careful to let yourself be carried away by your own ego so that you forget the importance of the closest members of your family and the people with whom you share your home. You will be in a constant search for more fun and adventure, and as a result, you will ignore the one that is close to your home. It may be that the energy you are looking for is where you least expect it, look good.

#Love: The planets remove the masks of illusions today. Seeing your partner as he is, instead of how they wanted you to think he was, has opened your eyes. Even though the illusion is broken this does not mean that the energy of a greater love is not yet present.

#Profession: Pay attention to the advice that will come from your siblings or the people who act as such in your life. They know you and are in a very good position to comment on the scope of your career. They are able to clearly see elements of your work that you overlook.

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