#Libra 20 / 02 / 2017

#Libra 20 / 02 / 2017

Today there is a change in planetary energy. You will feel that you are a little more emotional with all things, that you have dropped the mask and your true self has been exposed. You are very concerned about your image and the way you project it on others. It's time to do a little self-analysis. You are entering a period of rebirth.

#Love: What did you learn with this experiment? Take note of this because this seems to be a crime of love that you repeat again. It is the perfect opportunity to be true to your essence. Is he such a person with whom you have been dreaming really ... or simply someone with whom to fill a void in your soul?

#Profession: The cheerful and optimistic energy of the last days becomes bitter and suddenly you feel that you are about to explode. People at your workplace are taking things more severely than usual. Be careful.

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