Libra horoscope today | 04 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Libra today

04 / 09 / 2017

Libra today your defenses are a little weaker than usual, and you may find yourself accepting the easy path for the time being. You can also see things less clearly than you usually do, so avoid making too many decisions or committing until you have had more time to evaluate. The changes that occur now can have a variety of effects, such as the fall of bad habits (overeating, smoking or excessive drinking, etc.), overcome the lack of self-confidence or the limitations resulting from the first relationships with parents, of psychic abilities, and a new spiritual perspective or religious path.

Welcome to your favorite day type, when teamwork stands out. Is not it exciting when everyone works together towards a common goal? If that goal is to win a board game or improve some important structure that affects all their lives, it is satisfying to work side by side with other people. And you, dear Libra, bring something special to the table: the ability to negotiate a truce if tension starts to develop.

Libra today the Moon in your house of fun and games is an invitation to carry out activities that bring you pleasure and spend time with people whose company you enjoy. There is a certain friend who is encouraging, recognizes their talents, and always brings out the best in you. Find a way to connect with this person today, even if you have to change your schedule or travel around the city to make it happen. If that does not work, try connecting via video chat. The wisdom that he or she imparts can help you move forward with an important personal goal.

Libra today has the opportunity to enjoy great changes in your life, they will be very positive, but beware, you should not have the luxury of experimenting and testing ground all the time, sometimes you need to take clear and straightforward actions.

A person will ask you a truth that you have been trying to hide, although you may have promised not to tell him, you should look him in the eyes and see if this situation has him in despair, if so, then reveal what he is asking you.

An old woman has a very wise advice for you today, it's about something about love and the relationships that you have delayed in realizing.

Do not let love go, do not let the person you love change course and separate from your side, you may be taking a risk with the attitude you have taken in this part of your life.

Daily Meditation: Success is not only what you achieve in your life; It's about what they inspire others to do. - Unknown

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