Libra horoscope today | 06 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Libra today

06 / 09 / 2017

Libra today it's time to take a look at your credit situation and see what your current financial circumstances are. The same goes for your mortgage or any other loan you may have. It is a good time to reorganize them to get a better deal, as it is more likely to detect what works and what does not work. This could mean a visit to sit down with your bank manager or as simple as researching some alternative ways to manage your money online. Work at this time requires a constant assessment of your skills and prevailing trends, in particular. At the moment you will feel alone and unfulfilled if you are not interacting with others.

Nowadays it is difficult to keep your mind on the task at hand. Emotions crowd when you are trying to concentrate, or your attention is diverted to a strange dream you had the night before or the date you are waiting for. Your idealistic streak is widening, which could have funny visions of your ideal relationship or career. This is not such a bad thing: Imagining your best life could help you create it in reality.

Libra today the full moon in sensitive Pisces and your house of work and well-being could drain your vital energy and make you more vulnerable to stress. Postpone physically demanding tasks and focus on projects that will benefit from your elevated intuition. This is a good time to concentrate on self-care and participate in activities that nourish you inside and out. If you need to keep connecting to work, your deep reservoir of resistance can sustain you, but do not let your tank dry. Know when it is time to say that it closes. A delicious and nutrient-rich meal can help you regain your strength.

Libra today you need to be a little more patient with the people you work with, many times you want to follow the rhythm, but it will not always be like that, they all have their times.

If you are in charge of a group, it is time to give them an incentive for their work, you can not always let the effort be the same, they need to receive something more for the extra work.

If you dedicate yourself to business, today is not a good day to form agreements or sign legal documents of a society, you need to review much more the conditions of what you are going to agree.

A very important person is looking for you some time ago, has the need to see you, but you have not responded as you should, realize this and make an appointment with her.

You have to look very well at the person you are meeting right now, if that is the case, as it could be that you are not being totally honest with you.

Daily meditation: Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the emotion of creative effort. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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