Libra horoscope today | 14 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Libra today

14 / 09 / 2017

Libra Today With favorable lunar and Jupiter aspects, it seems that your opinions and professional services will be sought after, so do not be afraid to charge a higher price for what is experience in the eyes of others. Apart from your skills and has a lot to do with the fact that you are caring for others and the service oriented. If you have problems with self-esteem you may feel guilty in talking or even asking for money, but this has to be quickly managed if you are going to ascend the last of true success. Your mediation skills are also excellent and through this, you will be able to bring different parties with very opposite points of view together.

Other people may seem grumpy today, but try not to overreact. Just let them have their feelings and stay out of their way if necessary. The truth is that one day in a bad mood does not threaten the harmony of your connection almost as much as making a big deal about it! You may have to simply put your head down and do your own thing until the people around you are in a more uniform keel.

Libra today You are in touch with the purpose of your life. The Moon in your professional zone linked to Neptune is awakening your need to follow your highest vocation. This does not mean that you need to leave your job if you feel that it does not fulfill your purpose. Instead, think about how you can incorporate elements of your purpose into what you are already doing, whether you are in or present work or during your free time. Taking small steps in that direction can lead you to work that uses the talents you feel guided to express. The opposition Moon-Pluto this afternoon will reveal an emotion or belief that needs to be released to advance in his professional life.

Libra Today You are easily losing patience with the person you love and that is never good, remember that in a relationship, many times, we must endure things that are difficult for us to handle or that are not part of our thoughts or customs, but that's about love, knowing how to accept the good and bad parts of the person at our side.

If you have a problem to communicate to the person you love, then you should sit down with her today and say what happens to you, always with calm and respect.

You will have a very profitable day at work, it is likely that you will receive good news about a promotion or a salary increase, but you should wait a bit for it, do not eat cravings, you need to cultivate patience in your life.

A friend will ask you to help him with something important, it involves some physical effort, do not tell him no.

Daily Meditation: Gravitation is not responsible for people who fall in love. - Albert Einstein

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