Libra horoscope today | 25 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Libra today

25 / 08 / 2017

Your ability to do less with more and come out with lasting results will be put in the spotlight, as will your ability to sustain your efforts. You can be quite inventive today. If you seem to have your act together, today it will be remembered as the time you demonstrated it and will increase your credibility for some time to come. By leading with your dreams and ideals, you can induce others to follow your example, even your goals may not be exactly the same. Putting an extreme turn in an otherwise unsustainable situation, you can turn people's heads around and get them to accept what is best for the long term, even when it means short-term sacrifice.

Today is your day. You are in your element, and your energy is strong. You are in tune with people and ideas, so do not spend the day on your own if you do not have to. You will be much happier in a meeting of like-minded people, either in person, by phone or in an online forum. Negotiating thoughts and perceptions is very fun. In addition, it can be the soft voice of reason if tension develops.

You are very popular these days and you are attracting a lot of attention. Your high profile personality can do wonders for your love life. With Venus calling your attention in your reputation house and encountering unpredictable Uranus in your association zone, this energy can cause conflicts if you are in a relationship. Your partner may resent your desire to be in the limelight and may prefer that you give him or her full attention. Or maybe you are looking for the adulation of others because your partner is not reliable or too distant? Work so that each person can feel seen and loved.

Libra today a return to the past for a few seconds does not hurt anyone and especially when you need to think about the things you are doing today and find a reason.

Everything we do has consequences for our life, even the smallest gestures, start to see what you did before to reach the point where you are today.

If you feel the need to change the way of life that you lead, you are always on time.

For those who have a family formed, it is a good time to share and meet with all, important life lessons could appear today, share them with your nucleus.

A person who is posing their eyes on you wants to invite you out, do not say no, it could be a good relationship or become a nice friendship.

A fleeting encounter in the street could leave you thinking, since it will be someone from the past, do not stay stuck in the memories.

Daily Meditation: Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind. - Amit Ray

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