Libra horoscope today | 25 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of Libra today

25 / 10 / 2017

Libra today you have to cover your back a little if you do not want the achieved thing to turn into smoke in a short time. You have had to work hard lately to get where you are and it is advisable that you also form a good foundation on what has been achieved to avoid that everything escapes between your fingers at the last minute.

You should not in this case enter into paranoia that everything is going to go, it is simply a warning that everything that goes up can go down if one is not careful. There are always warnings that something can happen, but one has to be careful if he wants to preserve his own status quo.

Your encouragement
It is time to see how far you have come, and before continuing to pursue your own goals, you must first set what you have achieved, otherwise it will be a very nice house of cards, but with bases that can collapse at any time . Moment of fixing ideas, build solid foundations before starting to walk again.

Your encouragement:

Libra today you will be a bit hurtful with your excessive honesty. Be careful because, in spite of being a unique quality, in your honesty there is also a brutality that people do not like to be exposed to. Be careful, measure your words and learn that, even if one seeks the truth, it is not always convenient to bring it to light.


Libra today you may realize that you yourself are forging your own destiny, it is a moment in which you will feel enlightened and shaping your own projects to feel that they are really tangible and realizable. It is an impulse that you need at this moment to be able to go ahead without any clutter since you are really on the right path.


Libra today you will feel that everything is going well in your work, things are on track so that you are improving, you are satisfied with the remuneration, and stay alert as you may today receive some compliment about your work and some extra contribution for a job well done. Day of comfort in the workplace, for those who do not have a job, there is the possibility that they can receive an extra prize or find a well-paid job.

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