Libra horoscope today | 28 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Libra today

28 / 08 / 2017

Libra today allow the past to recede instead of clinging to it. Someone can remind you of some past incident that could ruin your day. Do not let this happen. You want to increase your sense of security at this time, but you may be reluctant to do your homework and study basic economics. You must overcome laziness in this regard. If you are confused, write it down so you can come back to it later. The greatest risk is the retention of incomplete plans that may fail later because of missing parts. This comes with the turf when Mercury is still retrograde. What you are currently planning may need revision so you do not jump the gun.

You like peace, but at the moment, you do not need tranquility. You are in a great mood and you are definitely up for the company. There is a spring in your foot and pep in every movement you make. It can really impress the right people. In business terms, whatever step you take today will be productive going in the right direction. Do not be afraid to trust your friends and coworkers for help. Above all, enjoy this positive feeling!

Libra today a conflict between the Moon and retrograde Mercury can shake your thought processes. A hidden emotion will be partly to blame if you are having difficulty concentrating. This is because this influence is shaking your unconscious and can trigger a fear, an unmet need or desire that requires your attention. As such, this is an ideal time to do a little meditation or journal to bring ideas about what you are struggling with or trying to achieve. You will also have access to your intuition, so be on the lookout for a message that comes to you through a strong hunch, synchronicity or vivid dream.

Libra today a good day to return to your childhood for a moment, you have the opportunity to play again, if you have children or nephews, take this day to have fun with them and teach him what is healthy play abroad.

An invitation from a friend who wants to see you long ago, could arrive today, do not say no and give yourself time to share and have fun with that person.

You have the opportunity to do what you really want in your job, if you do business do not be afraid to take risks today, they could go very well and you will end up receiving a good sum of money thanks to your investment.

A very important letter will be delivered to you today, it could be good news that you have been waiting for some time.

Love is stable, but needs a little more emotion, dare to venture with your partner.

Daily Meditation: Imagine that your life is perfect in all aspects; How would it be? - Brian Tracy

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