Libra horoscope today | 30 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Libra today

30 / 08 / 2017

Libra today with the Moon in transit in your third communications house, you can take a new address at present your ideas in writing so that at least there is a record of what you said and this will undoubtedly short-circuit any ambiguity or misunderstanding. You probably need to exercise more mental focus and hard work than usual to achieve your goals today. In your personal life, partners, loved ones and friends will likely accuse you of neglecting your needs today. If you disguise your feelings today, you will give people contradictory messages. Do not project your feelings, which can not be based on the truth.

This is a wonderful day for someone as oriented towards others as you are. The union of old and new family and friends is exactly how precious memories are built year after year. Make a special point to welcome anyone in your group who is away from home. This is an excellent day to make connections with people from faraway places. They will be more significant than you expect right now.

Libra today your inner genius is ready to shine. The Moon in your intellectual zone linked to Mars in Leo is lighting up your brain. And with Uranus in the mix, your ideas will be very original or unconventional and you will be attracted by the concepts that depend on technology. Now is the time to write down all the ideas that come to you, no matter how extravagant they seem. One of them may take off later, perhaps in a different way. A brainstorming session with a friend or group of people will ignite your mental creativity. Just do not take action on your idea until after retrograde Mercury turns the September 5 directly.

Libra today a bad day for those who are going through a love break, it will be a day where they see everything in a negative way and feel a great sense of emptiness in their interior and in their life, do not see things this way, each term is the step to a new beginning, although it is something painful, there is something in life that has no solution, you will be able to love again.

Take control of your life and start experiencing new things, you have the opportunity to join a group that can do you a lot of good, do not let this happen, or reject invitations from people who can help you get ahead.

If you are in a good relationship, you are likely to feel a little lonely, talk to your loved one and ask for more time with you.

Take care of your work, you are setting aside your obligations ..

Daily Meditation: Forgiveness is a gift of high value. However, its cost is nothing. - Betty Smith

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