Horoscope weekend Libra | 11 at 13 in August

Horoscope Pound weekend

11 to August 13

As the moon waxes and wanes, so can your mood, Libra. Life is not always going to be a sweet ride - when you can accept this, you can handle the low blows of life better. If you feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster, take some time for yourself. If you are in a relationship, keep the lines of communication open and do not stop so that your love knows how you feel. The final moments of the weekend are calm, so it's still positive, Libra.

Libra single, the movement of the planets in your letter show that this weekend is the perfect time to launch into something new. Do you have a passion you want to follow? Ahead! Do not let the opinions of other people about you and your life prevent you from pursuing your dreams. Learn what your heart desires and then start making this a reality, Libra.

One of the best things to discover and allow new people to enter your life is to learn new things about yourself that you did not know before. It turns out that you are not as perverted or vanilla in the bedroom as you thought, and with a different partner who is discovering that you can find pleasure at either end of the spectrum, that sex is more about who you are with than the previously defined set. of baselines and preferences that you established in the majority with one of your first couples. You are taking advantage of this new incursion into something that you have never done before and that you enjoy completely. It does not matter if this is slower or faster than you're used to, it's about the connection. The sun trines Saturn on Sunday and the Moon moving towards Taurus.

The Libra are people who will be very willing to keep their friends close, but this is something that can be complicated in this weekend. If they really want to have time with them they will have to pay much attention before their obligations and act quickly to have some free time.

Those who have a partner have the only concern to be able to have time with her and this is something that her partners will like a lot, but that can bring certain pressures to the Libra. That is why we must be careful and not push ourselves more than we can. The Libra have a rhythm and we must follow it.

Ascending Libra: You can now launch your list of sexual preferences through the window.

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