Monthly horoscope Libra | Julio 2017

If you want the month to be highly satisfactory, dedicate your thoughts, your ideas and expectations to work and studies and leave everything related to love to second place.

Horoscope monthly Libra

July 2017

This month, Saturn moves to the second house of your moon sign. This would make you work hard in order to increase your financial situation. Your mother could act detached; Pay attention to your emotions. She will have to take care of your health at this stage. You can get benefits through land or a property. There are strong possibilities that you consider buying a piece of land or property. The transit of Jupiter through the twelfth house will help your brothers to go abroad. There are possibilities that family life is blissful. You would get lucrative benefits. Your resistance to arguments would be at the height of always. You will have to pay attention to the health of your child. It would increase your participation in spiritual activities. You will be inclined towards occult sciences, mantra and yoga in this period. Your child's health may decrease, causing a lapse in his education. Mars would transit in the ninth house of your moon sign, producing huge financial gains. The transit of Venus in the eighth house indicates a change in work. A transfer in the workplace is also likely. The change of mercury in the ninth house of your moon sign would send you on a long trip with the family; A spiritual journey for your mother is also in the possibilities. It is a great time to achieve gains in work and vocation. There are possibilities that people in the property business field will provide you with huge profits. The transit of Sun in the ninth house of your moon sign indicates a good time for the growth of your brothers. With the support of your friends you will be able to brighten their days and future.

If you want the month to be highly satisfying, dedicate your thoughts, ideas and expectations to work and studies and leave everything related to love second, especially until the 13 day. The harmony of Mercury and Saturn will make him more responsible and he will have his feet on the ground.

It is possible that thanks to this you worry more about your health, decide to eat better and take care of your physical appearance. You are missing a vitamin complex or a balanced diet. Thanks to the mercurial rays, he will have the whole month with a clear mind and very good ideas to generate profits.

In this stage he will have a special ability to master complex situations. Moment to change jobs. You will be able to streamline projects and achieve a significant increase in your income.

From the 27 and until the end of the month, the most typical librarians will manage to balance their health beautifully. These are optimal days for surgical, aesthetic, facial, odontological treatments, etcetera. With the ominous position of Venus, until the middle of the month everything will go wrong in matters of the heart.

Doubts and promises that are not fulfilled will make you think the worst things. Try not to overwhelm your partner or your friends by insisting that they do not leave. Trying to hold the other just when you want to be alone is not the best way to understand it.

Remember that the best way to keep a person in love is by giving them freedom. From the 14, with the support of Venus you will receive original love proposals. It is possible that what begins in this period as a friendship and the principle is not too important, it becomes a relationship that changes its existence. Your attitude towards life, especially during the last days of the month, will be extremely positive and will bring you unforgettable experiences, warm relationships and close friendships.

Lucky days: 6, 15, 24

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