Libra Monthly Horoscope | September 2017

Libra Monthly Horoscope

September 2017

If you find yourself full of obligations in September that take away from past time with your lover, only you can fix it. With luck, you have a loving and caring partner who knows how to help you find the balance between love and obligations. However, if you are in trouble, without letting this go too far, use the Venus-Jupiter link on 15 day to begin your romantic repair plan. When the Sun moves in its sign of the Sun on 22 day, things should light up, but you are not completely out of the forest. With Jupiter still in your sun sign and rebellious Uranus in your seventh house, the 27 day seems another unpredictable day where you will have to lean towards love. In fact, the last days of September have the potential to cause tension and reveal even the hidden crevices in your relationship if there are any. Keep faith in love; Next month it seems more friendly.

You are a cardinal sign, which means that you are one of the signs that start the seasons, so pay special attention to the Autumn Equinox on 22 day and the days that follow. This could be the beginning of something new for you in the world of finance, whether embarking on a new special project or getting the increase you have worked so hard to achieve. But as the balance would have it, you will also be tempted to spend more. Also the 28, Pluto in Capricorn, another cardinal sign, finally returns to be direct again after being retrograde since April in his home and family. The next day, the Mercury Mind Money moves in Libra, so it seems that an issue related to money around home / family will be presented. You may need money for a broken appliance, or someone may ask for a loan. No matter what the problem is, it seems that the Universe is willing to provide what it needs.

Outgoing March enters the 5 secret sector, which leads him to adopt a low profile. Instead of sharing plans in a public forum, it would be better to play your cards close to your chest. Do not give ammunition rivals against you. The same day, thoughtful Mercury goes direct in his Sector of Friendship. People who have shown their loyalty will have excellent advice for you; take it seriously.

The Full Moon on 6 day could help you achieve a health goal. Give yourself a beautiful reward for sticking to a diet, reaching a better staff or breaking a bad habit. Comunicativo Mercurio begins its tour through its Sector of Discretion on 9 day, emphasizing even more the need for discretion. Keep financial information under lock and key, do not trust others and do not send personal emails at work. The 19, embarrassing information could come to light due to a shrill New Moon.

Fortunately, calm Venus enters its Isolation Sector on the same day. Instead of defending yourself in the court of public opinion, make a strategic retreat. After all the enthusiasm goes off, you may be able to effectively defend your reputation. Your charisma will burn brightly on 22 day, when the lovely Sun enters your sign. Use your influence to obtain favors, make offers and win hearts. Transformative Pluto goes direct on 28 day, helping you make positive changes in your family life. If you want to move, it will be easier to do so in the last days of September. Ingenious Mercury moves in his sign on 29 day, helping him solve problems and develop brilliant ideas.

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