#Libra June 2017

#General: The June 3, the trine between the Sun and Jupiter enriches a situation or relationship that was already pleasant.

#Libra June 2017

#General: The June 3, the trine between the Sun and Jupiter enriches a situation or relationship that was already pleasant. The full moon of the June 9 attracts all your friends and neighbors, or at least it seems that way. If you are not in the mood to offer a party, let someone else do it and go for a while. In addition, Jupiter enters Libra directly that day. This makes it time to celebrate! Become the center of attention at work during the New Moon of the 23 in June. An advance in your career or a larger project may arise for you, or you may suggest such a change and your superiors will see the wisdom in your suggestion.

Best days: 3, 9, 26

Worst days: 19, 27

#Amor Singles: You feel wanting some pampering during the trine that Venus forms with Saturn the 1 of June. Now you just need to find someone to follow the game. You would shout your feelings to the four winds if you only had one person willing to participate! The squaring of Mars and Jupiter from the June 25 brings you remorse from the past, but going back will not solve anything. Maybe it's time to really forgive, forget and move on a good time. Mercury meets Mars on June's 28, increasing your mental activity. The equals are attracted, so now you go in search of those intelligent, educated, eloquent people, and who are aware of the latest news.

#Amor Couple: The affection you feel for your partner deepens during the trine of Venus with Pluto the 1 of June, and you begin to appreciate the little things. Love does not need to express itself with great gestures. Whispers and looks also work. Things are unpredictable during the squaring of Mars and Jupiter from the June 25, and everything you thought you knew about love is upside down. Is it too late to get up, shake the dust off and try again? No, but there is a long way to go. The conjunction between Mercury and Mars the 28 of June puts you on the verbal defensive. Your words have a lot of weight, so do not say something if you do not mean it.

#Job: Constructive criticism will arrive in early June. Prepare to receive these comments. By taking the advice of a successful person, you will greatly improve your innate talent. Do not let pride prevent you from improving your work performance. If you must receive advanced training, do it. You will have the opportunity to take the reins of an important division on June 23 or around this date. Supervising a team of imaginative people will bring out the best in you. You know how to treat people with exceptional talent and original visions. Instead of insisting on the rules, create a relaxed atmosphere that cultivates creativity.

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