#Libra March 2017

#Libra March 2017

#General: You may put love under the magnifying glass and your heart may become more refined as Venus becomes retrograde the March 4. It seems that you keep calm and tranquility near the Full Moon of March's 12, but appearances are deceiving. Your daily routine is full of love, affection and wit and maybe there are some small problems that only bring you closer to your love. The New Moon of the March 27 brings only love, love and more love. You may see a current love with different eyes. Maybe your heart wants to take you in a totally unknown direction. Keep an open mind, but be careful.

#Amor Singles: Venus becomes retrograde March 4, which makes your love life plummets, but it is nothing you can not recover. In fact, take this little break from romance to think about how you will deal with your next romantic adventure, but do not rush. The squaring between the Sun and Saturn of the March 17 puts obstacles in your way that test your confidence, but your doubts will vanish once you can see the whole picture. The squaring of Jupiter and Pluto from the March 30 brings more unusual complications, but you're getting used to solving romantic entanglements. Ahead!

#Amor Couple: The retrograde phase of Venus begins March's 4, which spoils several romantic plans during the next six weeks. If you have romantic plans at this time, be sure to corroborate the details or seek to postpone them indefinitely if possible. The Sun in Pisces forms a square with Saturn the March 17, which motivates you to achieve your personal goals. It may be difficult for you to make your dreams fit with those of your partner, so it is key that you have will. The squaring of Jupiter and Pluto from the March 30 complicates things in an unusual way, but it's nothing you can not solve. Determination is extremely important.

#Job: A period of darkness will come to an end in mid-March. When the Full Moon appears the March 12, it will be easier to get the recognition you deserve. Instead of being asked to solve problems without anyone noticing, you can show your talent to others. This role will restore your confidence and turn you into a force that must be respected. Towards the end of the month you can form an alliance with a highly creative person. It may be that the rebellious behavior of this person bothers you at first, but be patient. Soon you will see that in its madness, there is method.

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