Libra Monthly Horoscope | October 2017

Horoscope Monthly Libra

October 2017

After a somewhat upset season, the good times for the Libra are back.
There is no one who can say that October is not your month. It is possible that bad things have happened to you at this time, and that may happen to you in other future Octobers, but it must be said that the stars usually put themselves on your side in topics that they can intercede. In the tenth month of the year you turn years, and that is important. Yes, there are pounds that were born in September, and it has not been precisely your best stage in this year 2017, but at least everyone can reassure you, because what comes is quite positive, as you deserve.

Libra October 2017

The Libras are charming people, optimistic by nature and very friendly. Those born between the 24 of September and the 23 of October are friendly and friendly, and although they may not be the most reliable sign of the Zodiac, everyone values ​​your company. Your positive traits are accentuated when you are in fullness, so be prepared because you are going to live a good time. Discover what the month of October of 2017 holds for you in health, love, money and work if you are Libra.

You had some worries that were coming a bit bad for your emotional balance. You are a sensitive person who is affected by things more than you would like, and above all more than you will ever recognize. Fortunately, you will be able to calm down, take things more calmly and give everything the importance it deserves. What a year ago could be a world, now it can be something insignificant. You can do everything and you will not let anything or anyone break your vital harmony or spoil the good time you are going through. Your mental health will thank you.

You will feel very energized.
At the physical level there is nothing bad to tell, but quite the opposite. You are beginning to notice that your effort is worthwhile, perhaps slower than you would like, but things are going slowly, and you are moving in the right direction. You have a lot of energy and more that you are going to have, because you are living your moment and you feel radiant. Take the opportunity to use that excess energy in something that excites you, that makes you vibrate, that makes you passionate. Maybe you'll discover something that makes you even happier than you are.

The Librans will live a month of October of much love. It is true that everything depends on which sign they share their life with, since sometimes we have not gone for the most compatible sign, because when love enters through the door, logic goes out the window. Anyway, we expect some very positive weeks, not a honeymoon, but a stage of smiles and joys for those Libra who have a partner, especially if they are romances or stable and entrenched marriages. In the sexual field there will be a rebound because those of this sign are happier and have more emotional and spiritual calm. What happens when you get rid of problems? That you can concentrate on other issues that you have set aside by mistake. In addition, the energy kick that comes will help you feel more passionate or passionate and want to spend more time with your partner or life partner.

The pound will live a month of love.
For those born between the 24 of September and the 23 of October who have no partner but who are open to love and would like to find someone at some point, the month of October brings good news about sex, but not so much with about love Libra singles, widowers and divorcees who seek to replenish their hearts are clear that they want company, but they are not sure that this company will be transformed into a couple. The worst thing you can do is deceive yourself or yourself, and deceive others, so be clear about what you want, which is now more an adventure than a love story no matter how beautiful and passionate it may be . Take the opportunity to meet people, and if you both want to maintain a passionate and passionate meeting, and then think if you really want to go more or let it be, but keep in mind that no matter how October 2017 is a positive month for you and those of your zodiac sign, it is not going to be the best for Cupid to throw his arrows of love towards you.

It seems that money is not your strong point, and it will not continue to be at least for the rest of the year. Who knows if the stars can suddenly turn the situation around? But it seems that at the moment it is better that you continue without touching your savings, or spending money, which would make you regret the moment, or to get into purchases, loans or investments. Leave things as they are, dedicate yourself to saving and do not get into trouble that you may not be able to get out of. Anyway, it does not mean that you can not beat yourself a whim. If you are a Libra of October and you want to celebrate your birthday in style, why do not you do it? You are in a good moment and if you want to share it with your family and friends, do not be shy and celebrate your anniversary as it deserves. Yes, with moderation and without throwing the house out the window either, which then you have to pay for the broken dishes and you will not be so funny.

At work everything will be fine. At work everything will be fine
On the other hand, in labor issues the waters return to their course. It is not that you are complaining a lot about your job, in fact you are one of the most docile, which on occasion has cost you the odd confrontation with one or several colleagues. You recently had a problem of this kind, although thanks to your diplomacy and how well you are able to resolve conflicts everything has ended well. That person is not going to have too much weight in your life, but you do not want to get on with anyone. On the other hand, you will have a good project that will excite you and that you will be able to dedicate with strength and desire, taking advantage of precisely that rush of energy that comes to you in this month of October in which you feel eager to shine .

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