Libra weekly horoscope | 03 to the 09 of July

The people of Libra will have to make important economic decisions during this week.

Horoscope Weekly Libra

03 to 09 July

This week, you have to prioritize your health, otherwise you could fall victim to health problems. Your interest in sensuality would increase and you would focus on filling your life with pleasure. Some frictions or misunderstandings in your family could spoil your mood, and your children may also suffer from health problems. Students may not be able to concentrate on their studies, but they should not lose hope and keep trying. You would develop an interest in the occult sciences. Your father could face health problems or differences of opinion with you. You would earn through your impressive ability to speak in the workplace. Your brothers could have the opportunity to go abroad and make their dreams come true.

The people of Libra will have to make important economic decisions during this week. The biggest wish you have in this moment of your life is for your economy to stabilize. There are months when your income is too much for you and you can spend a lot but sometimes you do not have a single penny. Over the next few days an acquaintance will offer you a job that will allow you to have a fixed income every month but despite the advantages you will hesitate to accept.

You like to work on your own because you have more freedom and you do not have to support any boss. However, the stars advise you to accept employment because during the next months there will be unforeseen events in your life that you will be able to cope with much better if your economy is strong. In the economic and business field, you dedicated a lot of effort to an enterprise but due to lack of resources you had to abandon it. However, this week a male person will appear who will not only contribute the money you need but also his experience and wisdom. In the love field, the man and woman of libra who are without a partner will have some pleasant surprises this week.

You are alone and you are not in a hurry to have a partner. However, this week you will meet a person in the workplace, with whom you will have virtually no contact but who will intrigue you a lot. Over time that intrigue will become interest and you will succeed in forming a beautiful couple with him or her. But that will only happen in a few months

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