Libra Weekly Horoscope | 18 to the September 24

Libra Weekly Horoscope

September 18 to 24

Their instincts are about to take the initiative in their relationships (and other areas). The New Moon and Venus in Virgo in your unconscious realm will activate your inner life, which will increase your intuition while decreasing your ability to be objective. You will have to register with your inner guide while socializing to perceive the intentions of the people you know. This will be especially important during the deceitful Neptune influences at the beginning and end of the week. You'll also need more time alone than usual, and that's fine. Replenishing your internal resources will allow you to make the right decisions in love.

Make a spiritual resolution during this New Moon, to listen to your instincts more. Call it as your superior being, your guides, your angels or just your own bowel feelings - take note of what you feel, and start acting on it.

Regarding the social environment, the people of Libra will have a very hectic week. The weekend you will attend a family meeting where you will spend a very good time. You are going through a period of high demand at work. There has been a vacancy for an important position in the company where you work. You are the candidate who is more likely to stay with the position, however, you are not the only one who yearns for it.

Therefore, be very careful with your colleagues, do not let false rumors undermine your self-esteem. You have a goal, do not deviate from it by nonsense. Trust your intuition that will be the best guide to know what to say and what to do in each moment. In the sentimental field, the man and woman of Libra were very excited about a person they had recently met and with whom they planned to start a relationship. However, this week you will discover that this man already has a stable partner and that the only thing he wanted with you was to have a good time. It's a painful thing, but you'll be able to get ahead thanks to your friends and family members, who will give you unconditional support.

However, love is close to you, closer than you think. He is not a stranger, on the contrary, you know him a long time ago but you have never noticed him, which is a pity because they would make an excellent partner.

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