Libra Weekly Horoscope | 26 June to 02 for July

The people of Libra will have a week full of discussions both in the family and in the sentimental.

Horoscope Weekly Libra

26 June to 02 for July

No one said life would be easy. I know you did not think it could be so difficult for so long, but you will get out of the trance, and you will be in an unknown land - in some cases very literally. Pluto is the master of ceremonies at this time, which means that aspects of the past are reappearing, either in a good way or not so good.

For most Librans it is the same house that is bearing the weight of Pluto's challenges; Maybe the sale of a house is causing problems, maybe a family member is the source of worry or maybe you are trying to build any kind of successful future for yourself, the situation is showing resistance to all efforts. Keep pushing, Libra.

The people of Libra will have a week full of discussions both in the family and in the sentimental. People born under this sign that are in pairs will almost inevitably have a big fight with their partners in the coming days. For their part, those who are not in a relationship, will discuss with a relative or a close friend. In the workplace, it will be a week in which the best thing you can do is to go from being perceived, it will not be a good time for claims or orders.

The problem is that for months you have endured various situations in your workplace that have generated much anger and impotence. During the next few days you will explode and want to denounce what you are living with someone of the highest rank. The stars advise you not to do it and that you wait until next week to express your discomfort. In the economic sphere, it will be a very positive week for the people of Libra. During the last months your budget was not enough for you to make ends meet.

You searched intensely for a second job but could not find anything. Your luck will change this week, a friend will offer you to work for him. That will solve your worries about the money but you can also gain experience in a field that interests you very much. In the field of love, it will be a week in which there will be no great changes in the love field for people of this sign.

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