Libra Weekly Horoscope | 31 from July to 06 from August

At a professional level, this week the people of Libra will have the opportunity to take a trip within a couple of weeks, which in addition to representing a good job and economic opportunity for you

Horoscope Weekly Libra

31 from July to 06 from August

This week you will feel a new cleanse of energy on you, Libra. If you feel that your life has become a little rancid lately, this circumstance will be welcome. Do not be surprised if you find yourself avoiding serious discussions. This is not the time for you to be deep and meaningful. Choose to spend your free time this week doing fun things with your partner, it could be the perfect time for you and your partner to do those projects at home and have them ready, Libra.

Single Libra, let your intuition guide you this week. You may see a different side of someone in your close group of friends this week. If romantic feelings develop, take things slowly. Trust in the soft whispers of your heart. Although romantic feelings with friends can seem daunting, they can also lead to beautiful things if you give them half the chance, Libra.

At a professional level, this week the people of Libra will have the opportunity to make a trip within a couple of weeks, which, besides representing a good work and economic opportunity for you, will help you to strengthen yourself emotionally and recover from the grief for a recent sentimental break. The economic sphere will be very well sponsored for the next seven days and the money will come to you through gambling. In the field of love, the men of Libra will be undecided and will not know how to act with their sentimental partners. You started this relationship with many illusions and a lot of enthusiasm, but time has played havoc and although you have not wanted to accept it, in the end you know that the relationship can not continue.

The stars advise you not to torture yourself so much, let things flow and if the break has to come, it will come naturally and in agreement. For its part, this week Libra's wife will have some surprises in the field of love. Your partner will have an attitude that you did not know him. Even if you are disappointed, this fact will be very useful for you because it will allow you to know more deeply the personality of the person you love. The stars advise you not to make the mistake of idealizing the person next to you.

Learn to see people as they are and not as you would like them to be

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