#Book from 20 to 26 for February

#Book from 20 to 26 for February

#General: Is there someone who wants to get you out of your comfortable routine? It would seem so in the coming days. With a powerful influence glimpsing, you may resent the presence of someone who seems to generate feelings that you would rather avoid. But the more you resist, the harder it will be to get your attention. If you let yourself go, new doors may open and you may feel new emotions.

#Amor Couple: Talk about life Talk about love Communication is key at the beginning of the week and face-to-face conversations ignite passion. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but you do not need any to express how you feel. Originality is key during the weekend, especially when it comes to romance. Who wants to do something that thousands of people have already done? Your relationship is much more unique

#Amor Singles: Would you like another opinion when it comes to your love life? If you are having difficulty making a decision, ask a trusted friend or family member to help resolve things at the beginning of the week. Differentiating yourself from the crowd is important to you at the end of the week, so you like to plan appointments that come out of the ordinary in as different ways as possible. Being memorable is your main goal in dating.

#Profession: You may feel that you have reached a kind of crossroads. Do as little as possible without turning to laziness. There could be some deceleration or confusion regarding any type of trade. Casual conversations sow the seeds of surprising and new opportunities. These are positive days to work as a team and share meals with co-workers. Your spirit will walk high. This period is good for catching up on pending issues.

#Money: This week, the aspects affect your sector of institutions, past lives, and karma. What you put in your work and money is what you get, says the Universe. If you have refused to plan for retirement or savings in general, this is the week to listen to your intuition and get down to work.

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