#Libra from 27 from February to 5 in March

#Libra from 27 from February to 5 in March

#General: A relationship could be the catalyst for you to go into action or make a decision that could change your life in an impressive way. Your way of thinking can lean towards the future when a meeting allows you to see the possibilities that you never considered. In addition, Venus, your ruling planet, enters the retrograde phase on Saturday, so it best avoids engaging with a person or society until after the 15 in April. You will know exactly what to do at that moment.

#Amor Couple: What happens when your plans are not carried out? Do they collapse as a couple or work as a team to achieve a goal? When your ability to work as a team is called into question at the beginning of the week, face the challenge and much more. You want to have everything under control at the end of the week, but, like it or not, love is a round trip and not a dictatorship.

#Amor Singles: There is one thing that is certain about your love life at the beginning of the week, and that everything changes. In a world where you can not really count on things being the same, you can count on your positive attitude being enough. Planning appointments is your strong point at the end of the week, especially because you want to be the one in charge. That they invite you to go out is nice, but it requires that you give up a bit to have control.

#Profession: You are probably at your most charming and busy moment now. It is not the best time for productive work, rather it supports the development of social contacts to advance your career. If you've been feeling frustrated, this is the time to network and explore your options. It will be easier for you to organize your thoughts and have a receptive audience. If possible, relax at home.

#Money: You have a lot of energy to get great support this week. If you have been thinking about starting your own business, this is a wonderful time to bring your ideas to life. The emphasis is on the structure, so make sure yours is very strong. If you do not know what the first steps are, consult the information available for small businesses. And if you look in your closest relationships, you will see that they always had all the answers.

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