# Weekly horoscope legend from 6 to March 12

# Weekly horoscope legend from 6 to March 12

#General: Problems may arise in your welfare in the coming days. You could meet with a friend or perhaps a group of friends to improve your general health. You may want to change your diet, as a key influence may make you consider different ways to eliminate toxins from your body. From a more intimate point of view, the presence of Mars in Taurus can stimulate your senses, which makes the next few weeks perfect for romance with all kinds of ornaments.

#Amor Couple: They love having time alone, but spending time together with other people can be valuable too. Schedule hanging out with friends at the beginning of the week as a way to show off your love, and let others see how good they are together! The weekend has its share of complications, but facing the problems together makes them a stronger couple. Join forces and work as a team instead of trying to do it on your own.

#Amor Singles: If there is any way to get everything you want at the beginning of the week, you will find it. You know how to be alone, but you're much better with someone by your side. You have a hectic schedule over the weekend, but still love finds you. The opportunity to have a last-minute meeting keeps you smiling for hours, which could be the start of something beautiful. Open yourself to all possibilities.

#Profession: This is a very positive moment for anyone with a lively character like yours. There could be a distraction from work-related flirtation. Try not to think too much about it. It's probably just a passing whim. Do your best to finish everything on time. Neglect will cause delays or you may have to do the work again later. This period is ideal for team meetings or to have a party with the entire company. Your ability to make people feel good about themselves is strong.

#Money: This week you have activity in your career sector indicating a time of great movement and energy. This shows that you may be experiencing sudden changes in this area of ​​your life. Sometimes, the Universe tends to go over territory previously covered with a fine tooth comb, so do not be surprised if something you thought had been covered turns against you. Expect to have communication in what you least thought.

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